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Who all is still here?

It occurred to me recently that I want to export and save my old journal...and it looks like LJ has modernized a little? I thought it was going to cease to exist! So, I got even more curious, and decided to cast a message into the void.

Happy Solstice!

And happy first day of summer. Not a very unpleasant one, either. Hope everyone is well out there on LJ.
To all my peoples who recently graduated/are leaving MHC:
Congratulations all around! Be proud of all your amazing accomplishments, and let them carry you into a bright future! I'm sure you will do well, and good luck for a seamless transition into Life After MHC.

To all my people that were at Anime Boston:
Damn you all to Hades. I really wanted to be there. :P

Holiday post!!

-I am happy that Chanukkah was actually during the BREAK at MHC this year.

-I had a nice Christmas at home, and I find my mind wandering and hoping that all of you on my flist are enjoying time with people you care about as well.

-Trina, when are you coming back? I want to give you gifts and have fun holiday time.

-Quinn is here, and it's been awesome having her be a part of my Christmas. I wish everyone could be together.

-I hope those of you in school survived finals well. I am sure you're great and smart and wonderful (I don't count, my molecular pathology final was ridiculously easy, and due on the 5th).

I must add my birthday wishes for El and Gina to those that have already been expressed. I hope you're having a wonderful time! Though you're both far away, I think about and miss you both a lot! Enjoy!
So, my friend works for foratv. He found this. Go to 3:30ish and watch as she comes on stage.
The site itself is awesome, with a wide variety of topics. Take a look around while you're there!

Oh, if you haven't seen the original dramatic prairie dog, check it out here:
My friend from Colorado College recently said I remind him of Eve from Wall-e?

DesertEphemeral (5:32:50 PM): Some friends want me to see Wall-e tonight. Should I?
snatch22x (5:32:57 PM): yeah
snatch22x (5:33:00 PM): its incredible
DesertEphemeral (5:33:06 PM): Aww! ^_^
DesertEphemeral (5:33:09 PM): Okay. I'll do it.
snatch22x (5:33:10 PM): yeah
snatch22x (5:33:14 PM): definitely a lot of awwwwwww
DesertEphemeral (5:34:11 PM): Sweet! That's just what I need.
snatch22x (5:34:27 PM): the girl kind of reminds me of you
DesertEphemeral (5:34:35 PM): Bwa?
DesertEphemeral (5:34:36 PM): Eve?
snatch22x (5:34:39 PM): but that could be because we, like robots, communicate in emoticons

Is it the random blasting things? The "DIRECTIVE!"? The love of plants and living things? :P
I could not resist posting this, and I hope you all approve of my choices. This is what I have so far:

Vera - The famous Winter movement from the Four Seasons. The one the DDR song V is based off of.
Diana - Sadame from X, because of first year
Kelsey - Joachim's wrestling theme from Shadow Hearts
Janette - A piano version of the Earthbound theme
Anna Kate - Take a Chance on Me (ABBA)
Allison - Pure Snow (you gave it to me, and it seemed fitting)
Erin - He's a Pirate
Heather & Noel - a Cara Dillon song
Riley - You singing for Scatha
Laura - The Anti Soul Mysteries Lab (what else could I use? :P)


I wish I could do the cute poster/elfing thing you did for me! Hope it's a good one. Celebrate! ^_^